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The staff and Dr. Reihle are the best, highly recommend them. They do their best to get to know you and call patients on a first name basis. I've never had to wait too long for my appointments and they work with your schedule.

-Sandie Santillanes

 Love coming here! They are great!

-Ruben R

 I usually don't like going to the dentist because when they clean my teeth it kind of hurts but this is the 1st dentist I've been to that doesn't hurt you. I actually look forward to coming here!! All of the staff is very nice and friendly.

Best dentist office!!!!

The only place I will go!!

-Ashley R.

 Thank you Icy for a great cleaning you are always very professional, love to get my teeth cleaned and check. Dr. Raihle is a pain free dentist he is wonderful. The office is all ways very clean and all the staff is amazing.

-Maria E.

 First off the staff is super helpful as soon as you walk in you’re greeted in a way where it feels like home. The Doctors are thorough and tell you in layman’s terms everything you need to know ,which is definitely refreshing. I went in for a few cleaning and didn’t feel ANYTHING during or afterwards. The procedure was pretty fast and They also work with your schedule to ensure you come in when it’s good for you as well as your mouth.

-David V.

 Incredible experience every time. You can tell that they really care about their patients and the quality of their work.

-Emmalyn C.

 I have always been apprehensive about dentists, until I met Dr. Raihle at A Brilliant Smile; he single handedly changed that.
He is a first class professional, a great human being and dedicated dentist, soul and body.
His team is impeccable, in every aspect.
The place is spotless, welcoming and brimming with technology.
Thank you Doctor Raihle, I am deeply grateful, you and your team have improved my quality of life...

-Miguel A.

 As a new patient I was treated well by the friendly staff.  I received a thorough and painless cleaning and x-rays-thanks to Icey!  The office is very clean and has all the latest technology.  Dr. Raihle is personable and professional.  I have definitely found my new Dentist in Oak Park!

-Joanne P.

 Claudia was great.  Edith and Liz and Dr. R. are always pleasant and accommodating.  Kudos to all.

-George O.

 1. One of the best and most genuine greetings I’ve ever received. Made me feel home.
2. Icy was amazing!!! The knowledge she gave about my visit was more than normal for a dentist visit. She answered all of my questions, even the ones I didn’t ask. Our conversation was very sisterly☺️
3. Dr. Kevin made me feel like I was in perfect hands with him and his team. Very charming and well known as I noticed by the amount of patients there. The wait wasn’t long at all!!! I’m actually excited about my next visit with them.
4. Recommendations will flow from my mouth for this team!!!

-Shonna J.

 Professional, painless dentistry from Dr Raihle! Great staff! Tremendous!

-Kevin W.

 Excellent in all respects.

-Arthur S.

 The staff is amazing. The office has a great family atmosphere and treats you as if you have been coming to them your whole life.  They eased my dental fears and have gained a new customer for life. I highly recommend A Brilliant Smile to anyone especially people who have had past dental fears.

-Miguel S.

 This dentist is exceptional! They took me right away when I was scheduled. It’s very clean and they really know their stuff! They gave me very helpful information and explained everything very well. I am very satisfied with their services and friendly staff. I definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for a positive, efficient, and helpful experience!

-Jeanette K.

 My kids have always hated going to the dentist but not at "a Brilliant Smile". They love coming here, very friendly staff.  I will definitely recommend this dentist to friends and family.

-Juan A.

 Absolutely love the staff they treat you like family and always go above and beyond for you. My husband and I started going there and of course he was afraid of dental work cause of the pain but I will say they try to make it as painless as they can and they sure did and now he loves it. They are always willing to work around your schedule and that’s something I love because of my busy schedule I have and limited days it works perfect thank you guy you rock!! I highly recommend their services for all your dental needs. Thanx @A Brilliant Smile.

-Carlos V.

 I love the treatment I always get here but, what I loved more is seeing my son so happy walking out of this office. Asking me when was his next appointment. My son is super shy and to see him so loose and happy was just great. Thank you to Brilliant Smile

-Mario C.

 For a while I hopped around trying to find a dentist whom I could trust and be comfortable with. Then i found "A Brilliant Smile". What i appreciate the most about Dr. Raihle is the fact that he does not pressure me into acting on his diagnosis or recommendations. As an example, he does not pounce on my panic button or scramble for his dental drill at the first inclination that a tooth shows "some initial indication" that it might develop into problematic cavity. Instead, he always offers guidance and steers me towards recommendations which be feels should be prioritized. For me, this is important and assures me that Dr. Raihle understands the patient side of the equation -and does not just view my mouth as a cash register.

Overall a great dental office. The entire staff is always super warm and friendly. And the fact that they offer Saturday appointments is awesome -although i am not so sure I would find it so awesome every Saturday if I was "Mrs Raihle". :-)

-Francis A.

 Everyone at A Brilliant Smile greeted me with just that a Smile :) As soon as I walked they where friendly and very quick. Being a brand new patient you are a little leery so this was a pleasant surprise. Once I sat down they asked me what my issues where and listened attentively to all my issues. Explained very thoroughly the process that needs to be done  Explained all my xrays and where the problem was, even showed me a video of the procedure. The first part of the procedure was done and it was painless. The Dental hygienist was careful but precise.  I came out of that experience knowing exactly what issues i have and knowing what needs to be done. Great Overall Experience.

-Peter S.

 They are just the Best! I still have my teeth and can eat nice things because they take good care of me :-) Thank you very much !!!

-Christiane M.

 Extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff. Had a deep cleaning and I did not feel a thing. Best dental experience I've ever had. I finally found a dental office that I'm comfortable with and trust.

-Edmund J.

 The whole office staff was amazing as usual . I've been going to A Brilliant Smile for a little over 2 years now and till this day,I'm still very happy that I did. They always welcome my son and I with open arms. They make you feel like you're visiting family. Plus the dental knowledge from everybody is always spot on!!!

-Robin S.

 Best dentist ever so far! Dr. Raihle and his staff are extremely friendly, professional and knowledgeable about what they do. They offer clear explanations on their decisions with my teeth.I like the way they make sure I was comfortable and people say when you go to  dentist its bad. I definitely recommend Dr. Raihle.

-Ashley A.

 Had a fill-in for a chipped tooth. Good end result and friendly service.

-David. G

 I am a new patient. Every staff member was extremely nice and welcoming. While I was being examined they explained everything to me and in terms I could understand. They were caring and personal. They worked with my schedule for a follow up appointment which is very helpful since I work all week.

-Danielle V.

 Fell in love with my first visit dental hygienist very detail with cleaning my teeth, best ever! Today I just had a tooth pulled no pain at at all from beginning to end!! Thanks DDS Kevin Raihle great service and staff!! Can't wait until I have my completed New Brilliant Smile!

-Danielle S.

 Best dentist ever! Dr. Raihle and his staff are extremely friendly, professional and knowledgeable about what they do. They offer clear explanations on their decisions and they use high tech devices to show you on screen what your teeth look like! Also it helps that everyone has such a great sense of humor :)

-Jessica F. down to earth, so honest, so friendly, so helpful.  Not only did they take great care of my teeth, but they also showed me videos to further explain the issues with my teeth AND the procedures they were reccomending so I could make an informed decision. They even sent me a Welcome card.  Smells and looks nice too!  Come here to be well taken care of.

-Marlon W.

 Best dentist and the staff is the friendliest people!!!

-Melissa R.

 Friendly and competent staff. Dental hygienist was terrific and the dentist was very welcoming.

-Adam H.

 Never thought I would enjoy getting up early for dental appointments, but Dr. Raihle and his incredible staff have made this a reality for me!

Dr. Raihle is a Master! If you've ever feared dental appts., your mind will be forever changed after 1 visit. Painless, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable,  he explains every procedure through photos and consults. No surprises! He's also an artist when it comes to any extensive work. Liz, his assistant, is comforting and very experienced. She and Dr. Raihle are a finely-tuned team!

Edith's insurance knowledge is extremely helpful. She figures costs quickly, correctly and on the smallest little calculator I've ever seen!!

Claudia, the hygienist, is very thorough and willing to share tips on keeping your teeth and gums in great shape.

Everyone is cheerful and welcoming. A great experience every time!

-Kathy G.

 The atmosphere of Dr. Raihle's Brilliant Smile dental office  is one of comfort and professionalism. My fiance is so happy that my smile will be perfect for our big day. I fully recommend this practice for your dental care.

-Samir G.

 Dr. Kevin Raihle is a highly skilled dentist with a warm and caring staff working out of a most pleasant office.

Recently I fell and broke two front teeth and cracked two others.  Dr. Raihle and Liz, his wonderful assistant, took me on a timely basis and fixed them so they look as good as new.

This has always been my experience with Dr. Raihle and his staff.  He has treated me in the past for some tricky issues and always successfully resolved them.

An additional plus is that Dr. Raihle has a very good network of colleagues where he has most competently coordinated any multiple specialities care that I have needed for a successful outcome.  His colleagues respect him, which is a high compliment to his credit, and his patients benefit from this when needed.

Thank you Dr. Raihle, Liz, Claudia and Edith!


 Always a very comforting experience.

-Jeffrey K.

 Dr Raihle and staff are wonderful: so competent, friendly and will go out of their way to help, even on weekends in an emergency.  I always look forward to seeing them!

-Alice G.

 The  best experience I have in a long time. Dr Raihle and Claudia were wonderful. The receptionist was great also. Dr. Raihle has one of the best office staff I had met in a long time.

-Cynthia C.

 Provided great care and education about my issue. Exceptional service from Dr. Raihle and his team.

-Daphne W.

 Kevin does excellent work and his staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Like a lot of other people, I've never been a big fan of going to the dentist but Kevin and his staff always make each visit as pleasant as possible. Not to sound cheesy,  but his office has a family-like atmosphere that you can't help but to enjoy. If you don't already have a primary dentist or like me, you're leery about dental visits, I definitely recommend you give A Brilliant Smile a try.

-Kevin O.

 My crown broke, Dr Raihle in early to do an emergency fix. He then recommended a suitable replacement and did an excellent job of putting in a new crown. My experience at his office was excellent, and he is the most painless dentist I have ever visited. I definitely recommend Dr. Raihle.

-Stephen N.

 Claudia was really good, I came there for the first time just today and I had a good experience.

-Matthew G.

 I have been with Kevin since he came to Oak Park.  I have never had a better, more dedicated dentist care for my teeth than Kevin Raihle.  Of course, after all these years, he's now my good friend too.  His personality is funny, light, sarcastic at times...but ALWAYS serious about his work!  I highly recommend him for the entire family.

-Carolyn M.

 Kevin has been my dentist since he came to Oak Park and, though I recently moved to another suburb and have to get to appointments by cab, I would never think of selecting another dentist.  He truly is a pain-free dentist, very smart, very funny, very friendly, what more could you ask?  His assistants are also excellent and it is a pleasure to observe their teamwork.  The whole atmosphere of the office makes it a friendly, non-threatening place to come. 

-Marilyn J.

 I've been going to Dr. Railey's dental practice since 2000. Love his skill and bedside manner. The dental hygienist Claudia is a professional and everything you want when having your teeth cleaned! The whole office is friendly and accommodating :)

-Bob C.

 Dr Raihle is doing my implants. I was so nervous but there was no pain, no swelling and no bruising. It was so much easier than I thought it would be. I wish I had done it sooner.

-Nancy R.

 Love Dr. Raihle- he is a true family dentist who takes the time to get to know his patients personally. He is great with pain management  (even for a root canal!). He is also great with kids and treats our whole family.

-Christina C.

 This is the single friendliest dental office I have ever experienced.
The doctor is an artist that is truly in his element as he navigates his environment.
Do yourself a favor and visit this office.

-William L.

 I have been going to Dr Raihle for years and the experience is always professional and pleasant. Yes, going to this dentist is a pleasant experience! His staff is always courteous and you feel welcome the moment you walk in the door. More importantly, he is rarely behind schedule. In all the years I've been going to A Brilliant Smile I have only had to wait once and that was for only ten minutes to have a dental cleaning. I have had bridge work and dental implants procedures at A Brilliant Smile. Dr Raihle informs you of all of your dental needs and explains every procedure thoroughly before doing it.  Your options are clearly described. I could not rate Dr. Raihle any higher if he was my own brother and encourage you to schedule an appointment with him for your dental needs at your earliest convenience.

-Lawrence V.

 Dr. Raihle is a great dentist.  He performs pain-free dentistry, on time, without a wait.  I highly recommend him.

-Susan S.

 We have been going to see Dr. Raihle for several years.  We love the service that he provides.

-Heather R.

 The office uses all the most current dental practices and procedures and yet are conservative with recommendations ensuring you get what you need not what they want to promote. Icing on the cake, Dr. Raihle and his staff are wonderful and everyone is very personal and attentive, you are NOT a number at this dental practice!

-Patricia H.

 Dr. Raihle is a great dentist.  He very professional along being warm and friendly.  He is up on the latest developments in dentistry.  I would recommend him and his staff to anyone that wants a top notch dentist.

-Barbara O.

Yelp Reviews

Where do I start??

I had been getting dental care else where and was dissatisfied with the work performed down the road. It took me nearly a year to locate another office. I don't know about you but the dentist is not my favorite. I located this office with a google search. Upon calling the receptionist was beyond pleasant and making an appointment was very simple. When I got to my appointment I was greeted will smiles and warm welcomes from the staff. The office atmosphere was very warm and home like, very comfortable seating in the lobby. I was explained my insurance coverage which was to my surprise. Before going into the exam room the Doctor came out and greeted me by name and welcomed me to the practice. The hygienist was super nice and informative. Through the entire cleaning she explained thoroughly what she was doing and why. Soon after Dr. Raihle came in and did a full overview of everything. He is very nice and down to earth. I have never experienced this with a dentist before. Then about a week later I received a hand written card in the mail from Dr. Raihlel welcoming me again which was a really nice touch. I look forward to getting my teeth back in tip top shape with this practice as this seem like it is a very good choice.

-Helen E.

I have recommended A Brilliant Smile to at least five co-workers/friends, and each has remained a patient. I appreciate the way Dr. Kevin Raihle explains procedures and invites patients to weigh in when there are options. Dr. Raihle and his staff are both professional and warm. I trust the staff and actually LIKE going to the dentist.

-Erica I.