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Mario Cisneros

in the last week

I love the treatment I always get here but, what I loved more is seeing my son so happy walking out of this office. Asking me when was his next appointment. My son is super shy and to see him so loose and happy was just great. Thank you to Brilliant Smile

Peter Salcedo

a month ago

Everyone at A Brilliant Smile greeted me with just that a Smile :) As soon as I walked they where friendly and very quick. Being a brand new patient you are a little leery so this was a pleasant surprise. Once I sat down they asked me what my issues where and listened attentively to all my issues. Explained very thoroughly the process that needs to be done Explained all my xrays and where the problem was, even showed me a video of the procedure. The first part of the procedure was done and it was painless. The Dental hygienist was careful but precise. I came out of that experience knowing exactly what issues i have and knowing what needs to be done. Great Overall Experience.

Edmund Jesien

2 months ago

Extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff. Had a deep cleaning and I did not feel a thing. Best dental experience I've ever had. I finally found a dental office that I'm comfortable with and trust.

Robin Smith

2 months ago

The whole office staff was amazing as usual . I've been going to A Brilliant Smile for a little over 2 years now and till this day,I'm still very happy that I did. They always welcome my son and I with open arms. They make you feel like you're visiting family. Plus the dental knowledge from everybody is always spot on!!!

Francis A.

a week ago

For a while I hopped around trying to find a dentist whom I could trust and be comfortable with. Then i found "A Brilliant Smile". What i appreciate the most about Dr. Raihle is the fact that he does not pressure me into acting on his diagnosis or recommendations. As an example, he does not pounce on my panic button or scramble for his dental drill at the first inclination that a tooth shows "some initial indication" that it might develop into problematic cavity. Instead, he always offers guidance and steers me towards recommendations which be feels should be prioritized. For me, this is important and assures me that Dr. Raihle understands the patient side of the equation -and does not just view my mouth as a cash register.

Overall a great dental office. The entire staff is always super warm and friendly. And the fact that they offer Saturday appointments is awesome -although i am not so sure I would find it so awesome every Saturday if I was "Mrs Raihle". :-)

Christiane Metzner

a month ago

They are just the Best! I still have my teeth and can eat nice things because they take good care of me :-) Thank you very much !!!

Ashley Alexander

3 months ago

Best dentist ever so far! Dr. Raihle and his staff are extremely friendly, professional and knowledgeable about what they do. They offer clear explanations on their decisions with my teeth.I like the way they make sure I was comfortable and people say when you go to dentist its bad. I definitely recommend Dr. Raihle.

Miguel Aluen

2 months ago

I have always been apprehensive about dentists, until I met Dr. Raihle at A Brilliant Smile; he single handedly changed that.
He is a first class professional, a great human being and dedicated dentist, soul and body. His team is impeccable, in every aspect.
The place is spotless, welcoming and brimming with technology.
Thank you Doctor Raihle, I am deeply grateful, you and your team have improved my quality of life...

Danielle Villalpando
7 months ago

I am a new patient. Every staff member was extremely nice and welcoming. While I was being examined they explained everything to me and in terms I could understand. They were caring and personal. They worked with my schedule for a follow up appointment which is very helpful since I work all week.

Jessica Fletcher

8 months ago

Best dentist ever! Dr. Raihle and his staff are extremely friendly, professional and knowledgeable about what they do. They offer clear explanations on their decisions and they use high tech devices to show you on screen what your teeth look like! Also it helps that everyone has such a great sense of humor :)

Marlon Washington

8 months ago down to earth, so honest, so friendly, so helpful. Not only did they take great care of my teeth, but they also showed me videos to further explain the issues with my teeth AND the procedures they were reccomending so I could make an informed decision. They even sent me a Welcome card. Smells and looks nice too! Come here to be well taken care of.

Danielle Stevenson

7 months ago

Fell in love with my first visit dental hygienist very detail with cleaning my teeth, best ever! Today I just had a tooth pulled no pain at at all from beginning to end!! Thanks DDS Kevin Raihle great service and staff!! Can't wait until I have my completed New Brilliant Smile!

David G

6 months ago

Had a fill-in for a chipped tooth. Good end result and friendly service.

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